• Monitoring of the lower explosion level in Air (LEL) 0 – 4 Vol% H2 in Air
  • Monitoring of the lower explosion limit (LEL) 0 – 4 Vol% H2 in O2
  • Monitoring of the upper explosion limit (UEL) 0 – 4 Vol% O2 in H2
  • Monitoring of Hydrogen Quality 99,99 (yes/no) with TCD 99-100 Vol% H2 in O2
Hydrogen Generator


Challenges for H2 measurement in electrolyzers:

  • Moisture in the process gas destroys the devices and falsifies measurements with thermal conductivity if no sample preparation is available
  • Cross-sensitivity compensation or dehumidification of the gas is required
  • Reaction times (t90) should be kept low in the process and require complex sample preparation
  • Some processes receive corrosive gases
  • High operating pressures and process temperatures require additional sample preparation

Advantages Archigas devices

Advantages of the TCD3000 for H2 measurement in electrolysers:

  • Sensor is not destroyed by contact with condensate.
  • Significant reduction in the cross-sensitivity of the moisture to the measurement signal.
  • Response times of 30 ms
  • Pressures up to 200 bara are permissible. 700 possible on request
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Continuous online quality monitoring up to H2 4.0 (99,99)
  • Process gas temperatures up to 130°C
  • No additional costly sample preparation and bypass required
  • Reasonable price