About Archigas GmbH

Archigas is an innovative company in the field of microsensor technology (MEMS) and gas analytics. Since its foundation in 2020, Archigas has been involved in sensor technology, especially in the field of thermal conductivity, pressure and flow measurement.

In cooperation with a renowned university, Archigas develops and produces its own sensors, on the basis of which gas measuring devices are built. The sensors are characterised by particularly high stability and sensitivity.

Our analysers have excellent properties, which are particularly needed in the hydrogen industry, where the analysis of hydrogen concentration and purity must meet very high requirements.

The gas analyzers are used in the following areas:

  • In hydrogen production by electrolysis, admixture of hydrogen in natural gas (H2 in CH4), monitoring of lower and upper explosion limits of hydrogen also in fuel cell exhaust gases (LEL and LEL for H2 in O2/air),
  • control and monitoring of gas mixtures for the food industry, welding technology and medical technology (e.g. CO2 in Ar, O2 in N2, N2O in air),
  • input quality control and process gas monitoring for monitoring gas purity (e.g. hydrogen 5.0).

The easy handling of the devices allows a quick integration of our TCD OEM modules into customer equipment such as gas chromatographs, synthesis gas plants and many others.

Archigas GmbH has been funded by the state of Hesse since April 2022. As part of the funding programme LOEWE: State Offensive for the Development of Scientific and Economic Excellence, Archigas is working on the development of measuring devices suitable for the exploration of natural hydrogen and helium deposits.

In addition to classic WLD solutions, Archigas also offers the world’s unique gas-type-independent mass flow measurement and classic solutions for industrial vacuum and temperature measurement.

Our vision is to offer customers complicated measurement tasks as a reliable and cost-effective plug & play solution.

Since our foundation in 2020, Archigas operates worldwide, providing elegant solutions for gas chromatographic challenges. Our unique OEM developments are designed for online applications, leading edge of gas chromatography.

Archigas is based in Frankfurt, Germany, and collaborates with the University of Applied Sciences Rhein-Main combining knowledge to create the best instruments for your needs. The measurement principle based on thermal conductivity allows precise analysis without a reference channel.

As founders of Archigas, we have encompassing expertise within the field of gas analysis and device development. After several years of gained experience for world-leading technology companies, we decided to focus our energies on our own developments.

Our ultimate goal is to provide innovative and affordable solutions for hydrogen detection with a focus on more efficient use of the earth’s resources.