TCD specially developed for GC applications

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Measurement principle

The detector is based on continuous thermal conductivity measurement of gases with MEMS sensors developed by Archigas.

Easy use and maintenance

  • no additional electronic control by the operator
  • plug-and-play style
  • reference channel and additional adjustment for different carriage gases not required
  • switching to a different carrier gas requires only a mathematical conversion to a new zero value
  • TCD 3000 GC- OEM is a unique gas detector, based on the principle of thermal conductivity allows a precise analysis with a very low detection limit.
  • The unique in-house developed TDC MEMS (Micromechanical thermal conductivity sensor) allows GC measurements without a reference channel. Based on decades of experience, this NASA-proved gas detector is able to distinguish between carrier gas and analyte and mathematically process the measurement without the need of a reference gas signal. The worldwide matchless sensitivity detection limit is up to 0.5 ppm.
  • The connection to the PLC is realized by a RS-485 interface. An exceptionally small chip size makes the detector suitable for various GC applications. A rapid start-up is provided due to the fast heating up of the sensor at the start. The output can be set as V/(m-K), or W/(m-K). The retention time, height and area of the peaks allow conclusions to be drawn about the analyte.


  • Fast: t90 < 0.5 s
  • Miniature: W=56mm, H=36mm, D=30mm;
  • High stability < 100 ppm per week*
  • High sensitivity: <0.5 ppm a week*
  • Easy to use


  • Precise analysis of thermal conductivity of probe
  • Very low noise < 1 ppm*
  • Very High Dynamic Range: 106
  • Concentration: 20 ppm to 100% level
  • Single Filament
  • Detection limits < 1 ppm*
  • *All data refer to 0.5 vol% H2 in N2


  • Control and signal reading via RS-485
  • TTL 3.3 V


  • Dimensions without tubes ( W x H x D in mm): (46 x 20 x 26)
  • M10 thread inside
  • Tubes on request
  • Protection class: IP00
  • The product TCD3000GC-OEM does not meet EMC requirements itself. Therefore, proper shielding and housing has to be performed by customer.
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Technical Details






More Information

Please note that the unit will only hold its full specifications after reaching 70°C.

High stability due to thermostatization of the system at 60 °C



Gas Types



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