16 2023 . 06
RhineMain University of Applied Sciences: New Impetus for the Energy Transition -Technological Revolutions Tap Hydrogen

Russelsheim am Main- The green energy transition has finally entered people’s minds: It has been recognized, albeit belatedly, that there is an urgent need to move away from fossil fuels in order to effectively counter climate change with all its negative consequences. Hydrogen (H2) is playing a growing role in this context – science, politics and industry are increasingly convinced: Its development as an energy carrier of the future represents a real opportunity! Important impulses of possibly worldwide significance are increasingly emanating from Russelsheim in Germany. Research at the RhineMain University of Applied Sciences (HSRM), innovative solutions from companies and the framework conditions provided by the city and state are creating a hot spot that is making decisive contributions to the energy transition with hydrogen. At a press conference on June 14, 2023, as part of the “Science Day” at HSRM, experts from research, political insiders and the start-up Archigas, which presented remarkable results of its revolutionary H2 measurement technology, provided up-to-date insights.Weiterlesen…

14 2023 . 06
Archigas: Try out new hydrogen measurement technology easily

Rüsselsheim am Main / June 02, 2023 – Is this the great opportunity for what belongs together to grow together? This question is being asked by numerous companies from all over the world, who have instantly taken notice following the initial presentation of Archigas’ revolutionary H2 analysis technology. The interest in a particularly precise, stable and at the same time cost-effective hydrogen measurement is obviously enormous across all H2-related industries. Science and early adopters are convinced by the innovative sensor solutions that now combine TCD and MEMS technology in a unique way. And first-time inquirers are granted attractive test conditions: Companies from start-ups to large corporations receive a first sensor unit configured according to individual agreement at a preferential price.