General: TCD3000
Measurement process Thermal conductivity
Sampling Analyzer extractive
Connection 6 mm pipe
Dimensions (WxHxD in mm) 145 x 80 x 85
Protection class IP 67
Pressure-proof to 20 bar absolute
Power supply 18 V to 36 V DC / 700 mA
Ambient temperature range -20° C to 50° C
Weight to 1800 g
T90 time at 60l/h < 1sec
RS232 Yes
Current output 1x, 0/4-20 mA
Voltage output 2x, 0-10 V
Display Yes
Relays 3x
Service program SetApp 2.0 Yes
Calibration on site Yes
Flow measurement Yes
Flow monitor Yes
Multi Gas Mode Yes, additional up to 99 gas pairs
Protection against corrosion Yes
Protection against condensate and dust Yes
Suitable for inflammable gases Yes
Additional Modules Compatible Yes (O2)
Moisture measurement Yes
Cross-sensitivity compensation Yes, external signal required
Specifications gas analysis:
Noise 50 ppm
Drift at zero point per week 100 ppm
Repeatability 50 ppm
Non-linearity 50 ppm
Measuring error with ambient temperature change per 10°K 50 ppm
Flow influence between 60 l/h and 90 l/h per 10 l/h 50 ppm
Fault with measurement gas change (Pabs > 800 hPa) per 10 hPa 50 ppm


About function:

Measuring is based on the principle, that when mixing gases with different thermal conductivities their mixture has a thermal conductivity dependent on the concentration of its constituents. Thereby portions of individual gases can be determined.

About calibration:

We recommend to do a calibration at one point with a pure gas or bottle gas. After the gas is applied to the device wait until the concentration is stable. The calibration process can be started via the keys on the front of the analyzer or via RS232 command. Then it takes ten seconds for the actual calibration.

We recommend a calibration, resp. a check of the calibration if one of the following criteria is met:

  • After bringing the device into service
  • On a regular cycle, depending on the precision aimed for.

    To find out the appropriate time between calibrations, we recommend to begin with a more frequent check of the calibration.

    The time between calibrations can range between:

    • several month for a measuring task in the Vol.% range
    • days to weeks for a measuring task in the sub-Vol.% range
    • directly before every measurement if highest accuracy is needed
  • When the situation of the measurement regarding pressure, temperature or gas flow changes

About measuring ranges:

    We offer 0-100 Vol.% H2 in N2 (and many other background as Ar, CO2, O2, CH4…)

  • The smallest range for low H2 concentration is 0-0.5Vol.% H2 in N2.
  • The smallest range for high H2 concentration is 98-100Vol.% H2 in N2.

    Helium is similar with the ranges:

  • The smallest range for low He concentration is 0-0.8Vol.% He in N2.
  • The smallest range for high He concentration is 97-100Vol.% He in N2.

Any range in between is available.

About operation:

The analyzer need pneumatic connection to the sample gas. It is designed for wall mounting.

The analyzer comes with cables with open ends. Connection to 24V is necessary for operation.

Connection of 4-20mA output, relays and RS232 are available and can be connected as required.

Choosing the right solution:

If you are not sure whether this unit is suitable for your requirements, please contact us for product advice.
In download area you can find a measuring task form, which supports you find out specification of your application.