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The measurement of hydrogen concentration using thermal conductivity offers several advantages

  • Firstly, it enables a fast and accurate determination of hydrogen content in a medium. By utilizing thermal conductivity, precise measurements can be obtained without the need for complex and time-consuming sampling or chemical analyses.
  • Secondly, it enables a fast response time of just 100 ms, allowing for nearly real-time monitoring. This enables quick detection of changes in hydrogen concentration and early identification of potential safety risks.
  • Thirdly, thermal conductivity measurement is a cost-effective solution. The required sensors and devices are typically affordable and easy to operate. Additionally, the method does not require expensive consumables or extensive maintenance.
  • Fourthly, thermal conductivity measurement provides a wide dynamic measurement range. It can detect hydrogen concentrations ranging from a few parts per million (ppm) to 100% volume percent (Vol%). This versatility allows for its application in a variety of scenarios, from monitoring hydrogen leaks in industrial facilities to accurately determining hydrogen concentration in fuel cells.
  • Finally, measuring hydrogen concentration through thermal conductivity allows for continuous monitoring. By employing automated systems, continuous measurements can be performed to capture real-time changes and detect potential safety risks early on.
  • Overall, the measurement of hydrogen concentration using thermal conductivity provides an efficient, accurate, and cost-effective method for monitoring hydrogen in various applications, including industry, energy systems, and environmental protection.


Hydrogen (H2) in Oxygen (O2) Oxygen (O2) in Hydrogen (H2) Hydrogen (H2) in Nitrogen (N2) Hydrogen (H2) in Carbon dioxide (CO2)


Methane CH4,    Carbon dioxide CO2,    Carbon monoxide CO,    Oxygen O2,    Hydrogen H2,    Nitrogen N2,    Hydrocarbons CnHm

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